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Both my mother and grandmother were great cooks, but it was my mother who could create magic in the kitchen.

I would watch her make the most delicious meals with all organic produce, fruits, vegetables, herbs, fresh eggs, milk and meat from my father’s small farm or from our home garden.  We even had our own beehives for honey!

Being the oldest I was responsible for cooking family meals from a very young age.  Luckily, I loved it, so every chance I got I would attempt to recreate some of my mom’s masterpieces.

Soon I was experimenting on my own making jams and jellies and juices from the abundance of tropical
fruits which grew wild around our rural home.

Traditionally in Jamaica, almost every meal is served with a ”juice” of carrot, cucumber, soursop, pineapple, cherries and June plums, citrus, or simple lemonade. In primary school, I would often volunteer in the cafeteria where I would take in the aromas of all the dishes for lunch that day. I could hardly wait to eat and would often get extra for helping.

I have fond memories of the two very strict lady cooks!

High school culinary and Home Economics classes were mandatory and became my favorite place to show off my cooking skills.  Later I would get involved with our local Agricultural Society and 4H club and represented my parish twice in the National Farm Queen competition.

I have also completed several Culinary and Food Service Management courses.


I would love to share my passion with you...
Good Food - the key that opens doors to many wonderful relationships!

At age twenty-five a left my office job in Kingston Jamaica and started a small restaurant.  I wanted as many people as possible to be excited about delicious healthy food and so, along with my then-partner, we delivered fresh lunches to offices all over Kingston in an old Volkswagen Bug!

I eventually emigrated to the United States and after nearly twenty years working in a corporate setting, cooking and sharing food remains my great passion, so much so that when a new acquaintance would ask what my profession was I always answer “well I work for a construction company but in my head, I’m a chef who owns a fine restaurant.” 


Now I would love to share my passion with you...Good Food - the key that opens doors to many wonderful relationships.



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