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Cooking Classes

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Register now for AfroChef Lela's Virtual Cooking Classes
and get ready to create scintillating, sumptuous, satisfying & authentic
Caribbean food in your own kitchen. 


Your palate will thank you(so will your family & friends)!

All classes are conducted on ZOOM

Family Dinner

What To Expect

In each hands-on virtual cooking class, AfroChef Lela will guide you through the traditional techniques of cooking up popular Island favorites.

Think of Jerk and Curry and handmade Patties, Sweet Potato Pudding and so much more!  All from the comfort of your own home.

No need to worry about the pandemic situation, you can still hone your cooking skills and learn new dishes from Jamaica and other Caribbean Islands :)

Grab your laptop or mobile device, book a class, buy the ingredients, and get your kitchen ready to surprise yourself.

Online Class
What to Expect

How It Works

Once you book a virtual cooking class, you will receive an email with instructions for how to access and use the Zoom video conferencing software for this class.


You will then receive a second email with a list of ingredients and kitchen equipment to have ready for the day of class.

Please note that if you are missing an ingredient, are allergic or simply don't like one, just email me here: and let me know.  There's no worry - we'll just get creative! The same is for kitchen equipment.

How it Works
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